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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Your last night shackled to your earthly trappings

Your last night shackled to your earthly trappings - Three years ago, this was a Saturday evening, and beloved you had given me two days more than I thought possible. I was on the phone with the vet's office at this time, letting them know that it wouldn't be much longer, that I would be calling them sometime during the night or early the next morning. My best friend in all this world ... we were losing our efforts to keep whatever was choking off your innards. This photo is from October 24, 2004, and is of another chapter in our lives, when the inherited progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) was taking your eyesight.

Wiggles, you know I love you forever, and miss you every single day and night, even as I thank you for saving Good Boy's life by your efforts to find him for me, and vice-versa. No one will ever be 'you' ... and I've felt you pouring peace into me all day, making this evening bearable, and actually a relief, because I knew that three of your dear paws were already in Heaven, and you told me when it was time for me to help you put the fourth there.

Thank you so much for being my sweet and dear buddy for all those years, and in spirit, forever and ever! I may answer to "Good Boy's Mommy" nowadays, but you know that I am ALWAYS and FOREVER "Wiggles' Mommy"!

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