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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Now it's your Birthday

You and me, dear heart, on your eleventh birthday, July 19th, 2009. I had a birthday party for you on the lawn, and you were so happy! You knew it was your special day, and you were a most gracious host to your visitors.

July 19, 2012

Fourteen years ago this day, you were born, and though I didn't yet know you (we didn't meet until Tuesday, September 22nd, 1998), God had been working for a long time to put you and me on the same earthly life path. As are all His miracles, this one meant that all things that had happened to me to bring me to that day at the Farm Science Review, had to happen, and I'm glad they happened.

Our first Christmas together, 1998.

You loved me the first time you saw me, sweet Wiggles Blue Heeler, and I loved you. The bond between us strengthened over time and through adversity. For more than a dozen years, we were a team. We shared so much, so many travels, some trials, losses, gains -- but through it all, no one could have ever been so quietly devoted to another as you were to me.

Us at the A Canal Headgates, Klamath Falls, Oregon, August 2001.

My gratitude to you continues, stronger than ever, and certain I am that we are still together, though different (because earthly bodies wear out, as mine will, too).

January 28, 2006. Ours was such a precious, quiet but joyful love and life! No matter what, we were there for each other, through thick & thin.

Happy Birthday, sweet Littlefoot! I am Always your mommy, your best friend, and you are always the child of my soul.

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