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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wiggles Blue Heeler, The Sweetest One

Wiggles Blue Heeler, the Sweetest One

January 6, 2011

By Julie Kay Smithson, Always Wiggles' Mommy (AWM)

This blog has been created to fulfill more than one goal. It is to help me heal from the profound grief of losing the physical presence of Wiggles Blue Heeler, my constant companion, confidante, best friend, exercise buddy, travels compadre, work supervisor (the kindest kind!), and so much more. Those who were blessed to meet and/or get to know Wiggles Blue Heeler, were privileged. I was humbled to be the one God chose to loan this dearest soul to for his twelve-plus years on earth.

To have a friend to keep you company, always be glad to see you, always be nearby in sickness and in health, to always love whatever was on the menu, to be everything you could ever need -- Wiggles was all that, and more. He was, is, and will always be my most trusted friend.

At this blog to honor Wiggles Blue Heeler -- http://wigglesblueheeler.blogspot.com/ -- there is now a place for Wiggles' friends to visit and share their memories of this most special dog, a place for me to share the life that we had together in its joy and countless blessings and miracles.

Visitors may sign up to follow Wiggles Blue Heeler's blog. They may also vote in the poll, and multiple choices are encouraged. A third thing to do is post comments at one or more article.

I am writing a book about Wiggles and our life together. It will be a book for all ages; a book that parents can read to their children; a book to help ripple the pond of knowledge about blindness and the miracles that we should still believe in and expect!

To those blessed folks that knew Wiggles Blue Heeler personally, I'm asking for you to share your remembrances of him. These memories will help me get through the grief and will be carefully chosen for inclusion in his book. After all, to know Wiggles Blue Heeler is to be loved, and his book will help others learn from Wiggles Blue Heeler, about loving and trusting. Last names will not be used.

Please join me in celebrating the life and love that was, is -- and always will be -- Wiggles Blue Heeler, my Sweetest One!


  1. Ah, we are so blessed by sharing our lives with beings like Wiggles. As a side note, you have the most beautiful blue eyes.

  2. Sandra, I come from a long line of blue eyes, but the gift that illuminated Wiggles' eyes, whether during their physically sighted years (the first six) or their wondrously luminous years when he saw with his heart and trusted me utterly -- was a gift straight from Heaven! If you had met him and looked into his eyes, they made mine pale by comparison. (One untoward person once accused me of wearing contact lenses, saying my eyes were "impossibly" blue. Wiggles' eyes were truly, HEAVENLY blue!)

  3. Julie, you were truly blessed with Wiggles and he was blessed with having you for a mommy! I wish we could have met before his passing. Zoey would have loved to play with him!!

  4. Pam, it's no accident that we are loved by such angels 'in dog clothing' -- Please give Zoey a hug every day and tell her it's from Wiggles' Mommy. I wish you could have met him, too, but hoping this is the next best thing, to share him in this way with others. I pray that his life can continue melting hard hearts and healing broken ones.

  5. If one is blessed with the company of even one special dog in their life, they are lucky. I've known more than one and consider myself singularly blessed. I did not ever get to meet Wiggles in person but now that he can roam where he chooses, maybe he will come visit me and Belle, my current fur-girl and we know we'll see him when at last we too get to run free!

  6. Gwynn, I sincerely hope you will be visited by Wiggles Blue Heeler, because you will behold the most loving soul in the universe! When I said that living with and being loved unconditionally by Wiggles Blue Heeler for every moment of those matchless twelve-plus years was akin to living with God -- utterly peaceful, supremely gentle and guileless and loving beyond all measure -- my words were from the heart and sincere, in no way seeking to diminish our Lord, but to help illustrate how it was, to live with such a soul as Wiggles. When you meet him, you will know him instantly!

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