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Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Spring Again, Wiggles, My Love

It's Spring Again, Wiggles, My Love

April 18, 2008, Wiggles with the giant Dutch hyacinths.

April 27, 2013

By Julie Kay Smithson aka Wiggles Mommy aka Good Boy's Mommy

July 19, 2009 (your eleventh birthday and your party on the lawn with our friends). I had poison ivy, but no one minded. The weather was so lovely -- like it is today! -- and we had a wonderful birthday party!

It's spring again, Wiggles, my love, and you know I'm outside, sitting beside a flower bed, digging out the encroaching grass and weeds or separating daylilies, removing for replanting some that have strayed into the yard. It's sixty-five sunny degrees with a 3-mph whisper of a southeast breeze and low humidity, the perfect kind of day for such pleasures. The rainy weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow will be just right for newly-planted daylilies to 'set in' in their new home. Good Boy is here now, but I can feel your presence so keenly. Whereas he is lying in one place, or sniffing a little in the grass, you were/are forever near, ready at the softest call -- or often with no sound at all -- to come and bestow a sweet kiss on my cheek or hand.

Tears don't flow as often these days, but I miss you so very much. Thank you and God for sending Good Boy to me; he's very dear, though still bearing the emotional scars that keep him from giving me his whole heart. I know the feeling, because, while he and I are friends, I've not given him the whole of my heart, either. For the most part, our life together is peaceful, just not in the way yours and mine was, dear Wiggles. I understand that Good Boy did not know me, our home and yard since puppyhood, as you did. The surety that you and God continue your devotion to us is so important and so gratefully accepted.

These times of our lives are to be realized, savored and treasured, and though I cannot 'see' you, in the physical sense, you are no less present in my life, for today and always. I love you, Sweetest One, Many Kisses, he of the great heart and most gentle soul! Good Boy will live out his life here, loved and cared for by us -- for you and God are ever-present to guide and comfort us -- and you will always be the standard to which I aspire, a truly gentle soul.

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